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Catholic Church

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St. Pius X   St. Anthony of Padua


The Knights of Columbus is a  Catholic Men's Fraternal organization with a primary function of Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patriotism.

The main purpose is Charity.

The Knights have a monthly meeting that begins with prayer. The main meeting business is to determine which Marshall County charity need we are able to support at that time. The total available funds come from sale of Fish dinner on each Friday of Lent and our Charity Golf tournament on the first Saturday in June.

On a yearly average we earn and donate eight to ten thousand dollars. We have an additional special weekend fund raising one weekend each year that collects an average of $2000, all of which goes to Marshall County Exceptional Center.

Hospitality & Stewardship Ministry

Coffee and Donuts Sunday: Pick up donuts, juice, milk, and make coffee prior to Mass. Assist with serving and clean-up.


Hospitality Ministry: Help set-up and serve for special luncheons, receptions, and other special events such as First Communion and Confirmation Receptions.

Bereavement Council

Help provide meals following a funeral.

For St. Anthony of Padua:

Contact Helen Krivan, (270) 554-7586 

or Jo Fehrenbacher, (812) 457-6111

Volunteers needed for St. Pius X.  Contact the office at (270) 395-4727

Arts & Entertainment

Volunteers needed to assist in setup and take down of decorations and/or care for the flowers or plants in the worship area. Help with seasonal liturgical decorating of the church building.  Contact:

Paula Schmidt (St. Pius X), (270)-556-7008 

Helen Krivan (St.  Anthony), (270) 554-7586

Other Parish Volunteers

Money Counters:

Count the money received during weekend collections after the Sunday Mass. Make deposit at local bank. Orientation is provided.

Quilters for A Cause

Please contact Georgia Bradshaw (270) 362-0055 or Dolly Bardsley (270) 909-2146, for additional information. Meets at St. Pius X Parish Hall, in the a.m. or the p.m.

Knights of Columbus

Other Groups:

Altar Society

The Altar Society of St. Pius X meets monthly for various church cleaning needs. 


St Pius X: Paula Schmidt (270) 556-7008

St Anthony of Padua: Helen Krivan  (270) 554-7686, or Joyce Frey (270) 559-5561

GarDen Ministry 

Volunteers needed to tend the St. Pius X Parish garden.  Please contact Rich Derry:  (270) 519-2140 for additional information or to volunteer.

Scripture Reading/Listening

Open to all wanting to read and hear the inspired word of God. Wednesdays: 10:00 a.m.-11 a.m.  Meets at St. Anthony of Padua. Please contact Rich Derry: (270) 519-2140 or Gary May: (270) 388-2020, for additional information.

Music Ministry

St. Pius X: Choir Practice (open to all).  Most Tuesdays following 6 p.m. Mass, and most Fridays at 5 p.m.  Please contact Danny Padgett: (270) 205-1028, or Rich Derry: (270) 519-2140, for additional information.

St. Anthony of Padua: Choir Practice (open to all). Most Sundays following 8 a.m. Mass.  Contact Lois Tashjian (270) 928-4593.

Altar Server (Acolyte)  
Ages 9 through adult. Training is mandatory.

Eucharistic Minister  
Assists in the distribution of the Eucharist at weekend Masses, to the homebound, to nursing home patients, or to hospital patients. You can register for whichever ministry you prefer. Training is provided. 


Gives the readings and prayer petitions. Training is provided.

Gift Bearers
Bring the gifts of bread and wine to the altar during the weekend  Masses. Good opportunities for families to participate.

Assist with seating, take up collection, and distribute bulletins. Training is provided.

Welcome and Greet all who come to attend weekend Masses.

Before Mass Preparation. Unlock the church, turn on lights, microphone system, adjust the thgermostat, prepare water, wine, and hosts.  Make sure servers, ushers, readers, Eucharistic ministers are present before Mass. After Mass, make sure things are cleaned and put away, lights are turned off, microphone is off, and doors are locked.  A checklist is available for all duties to be preformed.

Liturgical Ministries