Catholic Church

Grand Rivers, KY

Catholic Church

Calvert City, KY

St. Pius X   St. Anthony of Padua


St. Anthony of Padua

Catholic church

1518 J.H. O'Bryan Avenue

P.O. Box 447

Grand Rivers, KY 42045

(270) 508-2428


Office Hours:  (St Pius X):

Wednesday: 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. 

Thursday:  9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. 

Friday: 9:00 a.m.-Noon

Parish Council:

Dan O’Brien                      Chair Person
Roy McFadden                  Vice Chair
Diane Quayle                    Secretary/Family Life
Shara Parish                     Finance
Joe Merfeld                      Building & Ground
Bob Lehky                        Social Concern
Kevin Diamond                 Social/Spiritual Concern

Bereavement Committee

Helen Krivan                      (270) 559-7586

​Pat Gorbett                        (270) 362-3377

Mass Schedule:

Weekday Mass:
Wednesday & *Friday: 9 a.m.

*Except the first Friday of every month-Adoration-9 a.m.

Weekend Mass: 

Sunday:  8 a.m.


First Friday of the Month following Mass & Adoration - 9 a.m.

Our Mission Statement:

We, the Catholics of St. Anthony of Padua Parish of Grand Rivers are united as a faith-filled community to give honor and glory to God, to aid each other, and others, on the journey of salvation and to share the Good News of the Gospel. 

Our History:

The parish concept began to unfold in July, 1966 when approximately six acres of land was purchased from Mrs. Dorothy Thompson. Father Leonard Reisz, who was pastor at St. Pius Tenth parish in Calvert City at the time, was instrumental in finding the land and arranging its purchase. 

The Land Between the Lakes was developing and with the influx of visitors, particularly during the summer months, the need for a convenient place for Sunday Mass became obvious. 

Plans evolved for the construction of a pavilion. This was a building consisting of a metal frame and roof with a concrete slab. This building was constructed in the Spring of 1968 and became known as the open air church. Mass had been offered in the open air during the previous summer also. 

Beginning in 1968, Msgr. George H. Hancock, who was the Chancellor of the Diocese in Owensboro at that time, traveled to Grand Rivers every weekend during the summer months to offer Mass in the pavilion and at a second one in Aurora (St. Henry's). 

During the first two summers he slept in a pup tent on Saturday nights to be available for Sunday morning Mass. The next two summers he advanced to a larger tent that also served as a Saturday night rectory. Later, as resources allowed, a used mobile home was moved in, which still serves as the parish rectory. 

People came to the pavilion dressed as they were, bringing their own chairs and blankets to sit on, others stood, during the Mass. People from many parts of the country came together as a community of faith at Holy Mass. God was praised and glorified in an open-air pavilion in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. This pavilion served the needs of the tourists and the area people until 1985 when it was judged that there were enough Catholics to accommodate a year-round church. The pavilion was enclosed and partially completed. More touches were added in the fall of 1986 and the first Mass was offered on Christmas day, 1986. The final outside completion occurred during the 2001 and 2002 time frame when church lighting, ceiling enclosure, and a separate mezzanine was added. 

Daily Mass is now offered along with the 8 am Sunday Mass. A 6 p.m. Saturday evening Mass is also offered during the summer. 

A benefactor who gave a substantial contribution toward the building of the church suggested the name, St. Anthony of Padua. The donation was made through the Extension Society of Chicago. 

St. Anthony of Padua actually became a parish by a decree of the Bishop dated September 4, 1987. The parish was blessed and dedicated by Bishop McRaith on 
October 19, 1987. 

Msgr. Hancock was pastor of St. Henry Parish and St. Anthony of Padua Parish from their beginning and continued to serve these parishes following his retirement in 1989.  He became full-time pastor at St. Henry's from 1994 to 1996 and Father Powers was pastor at St. Anthony of Padua parish during that period. Msgr. Hancock became the full-time pastor at St. Anthony of Padua parish in 1996. 

Ms. Carol York became the Church Administrator during 2002, allowing Msgr. Hancock to devote his time exclusively to the spiritual needs of the parish.